Microsoft Translator

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An expert translator in the palm of your hand


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Microsoft Translator is an app that will help break down the language barrier. Just speak into your Android device in your native language and a translation will appear instantly (which can also be read out loud).

Microsoft Translator lets you translate into more than 50 different languages. You'll find the input language in the bottom lefthand corner and the output language in the top right corner.

Translating is as easy as pressing the microphone button and speaking into your Android. The voice recognition technology processes your words in seconds and displays the translation on the screen. You'll be able to convert them into a card, which you can use to teach the person with whom you want to communicate. You can also save favorites in order to access them in the future.

Microsoft Translator is an excellent translation tool that is ideal for traveling or communicating with people who speak different languages. Also, the app has been specifically designed to be used with Android Wear.

Requires Android 4.3 or higher